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Did you ever wondered what it would feel if you had a million dollars in your pocket? Maybe you are curious to know what you would do if you didnít have those health problems. You would be able to do your daily activities without sheer pain. How those people who have what you want are lucky! Well then what are you waiting for? If you want to be rich you can even if you have no money, if you want to be healthy you can even though your health is not so good or if you want to find your soul mate because you are single then you can too.

Does it seem like an impossible task to you? There is something called the Law of Attraction and itís available to all humans whether they are small, large, black or white. You see, we have the abilities as humans to get exactly what we want in life. You see, we feel things, we think, we see and by god we put an act from time to time. The key with the Law of Attraction is that we have to be conscious of these powers and then this will give us the power to make great things in our lives.

Thinking: Do you think we think? Of course we do, thatís what we do most of the day. Of course they are very mundane. However we could if we wanted to think of how it would be to be like what we wanted. For example, you want to be rich donít you? Just think like a rich person then

Feeling: Associated very closely to thoughts. You see, when you think you eventually feel. Then when feel things, you will begin to think some more. If you are able to convince yourself very deeply that what you desire really, really much will happen and you can almost feel it, then thereís a very good chance that it will happen. If you want to be good looking then act like you are a stud, if you want to be rich, then live like a king etc. Try it and tell me if you can feel it.

Visualizing: if you have to carry a dark liquid across you rug in the living room, some will inevitably fall on it right? You just know it. You can actually see it in your mind. Well if you visualized something bad, why not visualize something good happening? You want to become successful, donít go in a room looking like you were beaten down! Have confidence, look sharp. Do anything you need to do to be successful because deep down you can see yourself as a good businessman/woman.

Acting: Stick with it! Live your life the way you want and it will happen and thatís the bottom line. However use your common sense. Itís okay to think like a rich man, but to spend money you have but having to sell it back right away because you canít afford it is not to bright either.

Okay it might seem farfetched but what have you got to lose? Try it for a while and then if it does not work, then too bad, but if it doesÖ

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