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If you have been watching television in the past ten years, then there is a chance that you might have stumbled on a show called the Oprah Show. If you’re a regular of the show, you might have came across a viewing in which they talked about the Law of Attraction. I will admit, because it is so new, it can become very confusing.

The theory behind the Law of Attraction is that we can have whatever we want in life. It varies from more money, to finding love or to get that promotion at work. This law has now been accepted as a fact. In fact, if you really want to go into the depths of this new thinking, go see a Quantum Physics professor. Quantum Physics states that everything is energy and that our brain has to ability to use this energy to do whatever we want.

But as you know everything good has a reverse. So if you want something but think to your self I hope this doesn’t happen while… then there is a good chance that the thing you don’t want happening will happen. I agree that having a bad experience may not seem like a good thing and it isn’t, however it makes things a little easier for us because we can explain to you the hard to understand parts of the Law of Attraction.

For example sometimes in the life of a couple there are always ups and downs. Sometimes it seems like only one partner wants to put in the efforts. Therefore we can see the opposites in the law of attraction. In fact both get exactly what they want. One person wants to get back together and the other one to split apart. Of course the person wishing the reconciliation might think that the Law of Attraction simply does not work.

The experts studying the Law of Attraction, sees it differently. To them, the person that wanted the things to work out is entirely responsible for the whole thing. The reason being is that even though his thoughts were noble, he was still scared that the relation would turn awry. In the universe, there is no good and evil. So you are given what you asked for.

We use this ordinary suggestion or event to show you how the Law of Attraction can work when a wish is not completely honest or not precise. You have to remember that in order for the Law of Attraction to work, you have to believe in the bottom of your heart that you will actually get what you want. In other words if you want to find your soul mate, you need to believe that she is out there and closer than you think. There’s the phrase to live your life; then there is the phrase live your dream. What I mean is that you need to feel your dream as if it really happened otherwise it won’t happen.

If you want to correctly live or experience LOA all you have to do is think positive and that is all.

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