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How to Experience the Law of Attraction

In the scientific world, there is a fairly recent principle and itís called the LOA or more commonly know as the Law of Attraction. Since it is a new concept, not many people believe in it. So you want to see how it works?

First of all, you have to think of something that you want really, really bad. Then you have to imagine yourself with what you hoped for and really live it and feel it. After that if everything goes well, your dream should come true.

Donít think however that the Law of Attraction makes you create things almost instantly like a genie would. Donít expect for a dessert just because you wish you had one. You have to be realistic too. However, you might be a little vaguer and wish you had the money to buy yourself a treat.

Modern society is now more cautious these days. With so many cases of fraud becoming more apparent each day, it is no wonder most people think that there is no way to prove that what they experienced is related to the law of attraction. It is possible that most people experience the Law of Attraction but they never believe it because most of what they experience is bad.

If you want to test the Law of Attraction for yourself, try these next experiments. The exercise is simple enough and even better if you have a carpet and grape juice. You know where Iím going with this right? The trick is to put the juice in the glass to its limit and go across the room where your rug is while concentrating not to spill anything. So what was the end result?

But if you donít have a rug in your home, that wouldnít be relevant. Try this experiment then. Go play a round of golf and when you get to a hole that has a water hazard right at the beginning. Evidently the trick here is to make the shot over the hazard. Now go ahead and think only of the shot you have to make which is over the water. Guess where you will hit your ball? Is it possible that it ended up in the water?

If you spilled some juice over your expensive carpet in your living room or sunk the ball that Arnold Palmer autographed for you, then Iím very sorry, but it something you asked for to happen. The point is whether you succeeded or not, is that you probably in back of your mind thought about not spilling any juice or needing to do a good shot. This was only two exercises. Imagine all the signals we donít think of because it happens so often.

As I said previously, the Law of Attraction gives us what we asked for. In this case because to negative symbol is stronger than the positive side, we get a bad result.

So did I convince you or made you understand the LOA? If you answered yes then itís great because you might be on your way to create happy things in your life. If not then it only means that its faith and nothing more, but we all know itís because of the law if something happens.

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