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First Attraction Is Physical Article

Your Mind Power Attracts Your Rewards

If you have a job where thereís a balance between males and females then there is a good chance that you saw some flirting. Sometimes two people have an affinity or in some cases opposites attracts. Attraction is everywhere; even our cells attract themselves in our body. But does mind power and attraction go together?

The Law of Attraction is sort of the medium between the physical and the non-physical world. Basically, without it, we wouldnít really have the things we want the most. Science has finally been able to prove that there is a direct link between what we get and the Power of Attraction. In fact it can even look at the attraction even in the physical sense.

What can be said about this mind power? Basically itís what we think. We think therefore we are. If we go further, we can say that itís our thoughts that influence our daily lives.

A cake is just a cake right? So if this is the case, a thought is just a thought no? It is if we donít feel anything. For example you can be angry at someone, but until that person really makes you go nuts, youíre ok. Youíre ok until that person crosses the line. But it works on the positive side too. You can feel anger or joy, itís your choice.

So the choice is yours. Now that you know what your brain can do, what will you do? Will you accomplish something that others thought you could never do? Be warned however that this takes practice and time. Itís like going back to school or being brainwashed. You have to live the way you think. Eventually it will become second nature to you and in the end, it will show. The people around you will surely see a difference.

We all have dreams. Some want power, some want to find their significant other and undeniably one of the most popular is to have money. Itís not a bad thing. All you have to do is think of what you will do with your cash and how what amount you will get. Step two is to add emotion to it. You have to visualize and feel the money if this is what you wished for. If you become unfocused, think back to how it felt to think positive.

In order for it to work, you need to have a strong mind too. You exercise your mind by concentrating on the things you want in this case. There are a lot of things we do not know about our brain, but we can be sure that it is a powerful tool. So donít despair if things donít happen right away. If you get the chance to Ďmasterí your brain, then you will have things going very well for you. Iím not saying you will be able to leap tall buildings, but you will have the ability to control the good things that happen to you in your life if you donít get discouraged.

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